Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's All About Family


Last Night I found these movies and thought they were good to add to my collection.
Three of them have more than one movie on them.
One has 6 - -  another 8 --  and the third  10
All family oriented so it makes it enjoyable to watch.
I especially like the Owl story.
I guess I will always be a kid at heart.
After selecting these movies I thought I'd catch up and see what was in the toy section of the store.
I used to live in the toy section with my kids and now I have absolutely no reason for going there.
I remembered how it meant so much to them to get just the right things.
Now I ask my son if he'd like to visit the toy section and he shrugs off to the clothes section lol
I love teasing him.
I checked out the puzzles because they make beautiful wall hangings
Pikachu was still there, the Hulk,  Even the noisy swords lol but the dolls were different.
I felt kinda sad so the next stop was the thread section.
I got a few skeins and now can sit and enjoy life again on the couch. lol


This is another hat I made.
 I think it needs a little more white on the rim but it looks just fine the way it is too.

As I was looking through my various books,
I read this letter Robert Lewis Stevenson wrote to his Dad and I had to laugh.

This sure is not the kind of letters kids would write their parents today. lol
So formal and soo very polite. So refreshing to come across something dignified
and respectful, as opposed to all these movies we watch today, teaching our kids
what's ok and normal. (not).
While I was watching a movie about when the Japanese soldiers attacked Nanking and
 performed atrocities on the children,
My husband walked in and said  " More war, more troops sent, on the News.. More death.
More fighting."  I asked him why was he watching? lol

It's all the same news just a different month and year.It never ends.
People don't want peace. If there was less talking and more keeping busy doing things, life would be better for every one.



George said...

I like the hat you've made. I'm also glad you found some movies to watch with your family. Good movies can be hard to find nowadays.

A Lady's Life said...

They are great when you travel cause you can watch them on the computer George.

Adam said...

never seen the movies except harry potter 1

A Lady's Life said...

You have a lot to see Adam lol
The world is at your feet begging to be known. :)

Gattina said...

Nice warm bonnets ! I love movies which makes me laugh !
Arthur my white cat is quiet big, yes I think he weights about 8 kg ! Thanks for your comment !

A Lady's Life said...

I like family movies Gattina but I do enjoy other movies too except when they swear That just turns me right off. Cats a re funny. They can be like dogs very affectionate and pesty and lazy. lol