Monday, February 21, 2011

Tarnished Silver Tarnished Life

Today was an interesting day. It snowed wet snow and it was quite cloudy as we made our way into downtown Vancouver.
There was a huge accident of about 5 cars bumping each other and we had to wait a long time to get out of it.
At home we found my Mom's old tarnished tea pot and tray.
It is very old and now I have to think how I can clean it.
During the day I found a chip with a picture in it of a torso. I got all excited like a baby and called my son who came over and laughingly said: " Oh not again. You don't see things again?"

I laughed and said no you really have to examine it to see a muscular chest and abs. and even a belly button. He nodded his head and kissed my cheek and walked away.
I could hear his thoughts. Small things amuse small minds lol

I keep thinking of the lady who went on television with her famous chips pieces with pictures in them. She had quite a collection and was showing them to the audience. She was so careful not to break any

Reflecting on the tarnished tea pot another thing happened today which related to tarnished lives.
As we were leaving home, Global TV and Radio Canada were at my sons' High School.
They said 15 year old Laura Szendrei's killer was found. We were all stunned as to how they found him after so long and my son was on his blackberry trying to find out from friends what they knew.
And then the answer itself, was just like a blow on the head.
It was a young man who went to school with my son from Kindergarten.
A nice young handsome fair young man with a beautiful smile. We went to his birthday party and his family is so nice. He was arrested and will be in jail on first degree murder charges till his hearing on March 7th. His name and face were not posted because he was 17 last year but he will be charged as an adult.
Now they are wondering if he was also the fellow who attacked other women around our area.

He was in the park area and apparently left telling people he left because he saw Laura on the ground and it had such a profound affect on him (it seems they could see her brain) he needed therapy and then he went to Mexico for a month.

My son said he partied on New Years with them and didn't seem worse for wear but I guess it was heavy on his heart because he told his Dad and then the police came. Apparently they saw him at a local 7/11 surveillance camera changing his clothes because he had blood on them.

Laura's family said he looks like an angel and yet capable of doing devil things. They want to know why, because the attack seems to be without motive. The kids didn't know each other. They are still devastated, like it happened yesterday. I am sure I understand how they feel and we are all equally shocked as to who did it.

As much as I was angry something like this took place around our area, now that we know who it is who did it, we feel soo bad for the boys family. Laura's Father said he hopes the boys family now feels the way he does about losing his daughter which is unfair because the boys parents are innocent just as they are. They also have two more younger children in the neighborhood schools who will need to suffer their brothers guilt.
A boy like that in an adult jail will also be abused by the inmates. His young life is lost.

What a tragedy to befall two families.
It seems that this boy was always very quiet, shy and small . He was teased a lot and he spent a lot of time playing video killing games.
Is it possible these games affected him?

We also had a small boy at our school but he was so cool about it that because of his attitude, everyone loved him He was one of the most popular kids in school.

When this killing happened, the kids had an incident with another group of kids where bear spray was used, so at the beginning everyone thought one of these boys retaliated and ended up killing Laura because she squealed on them,
And on face book these boys seemed to be quite afraid to be accused of killing her.

The incident took place in the woods park by the school and I remember going to the school when my son was in kindergarten, to tell them that these woods have to be cut down so people could see inside. A lot of bad things were going on in there.
They are cut now, too little too late.
It always takes a tragedy before the right things get done and I can't understand why this is
this way all the time.

Well we are all shocked beyond belief especially my son. He said the girl was tiny and nice so why would he do this to her?

The girls parents will want to see the boy now to ask him "why?"

A very upsetting day.

I found 2 tarnished silver items today, which reflected 2 tarnished lives and a chip with a muscled torso.
Sorta like life, chipped away to resemble a strong young powerful life and yet destroyed by lifes' elements showing its' fragility.
A true BC tragedy .


Akelamalu said...

Things always seem even more shocking if we know people involved don't they?

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - Especially in this case.
Two young people with so much to live for.
and WHY?
Thats all you can ask and now they are asking if he was the one attacking other women.
Can you imagine we know this boy and he could have attacked my walking on the street if he saw he had a chance to?
I just can't get over it cause he is such a nice boy.Who would have thought and if it wasn't for the 7/11 security camera, they would not have asked him or his Dad anything.A lot of bratty kids got scared they would be accused for this. It is just a complete nightmare for two families.

George said...

What a tragedy for both families. It's always hard to believe that people we know can be involved in something like this.

A Lady's Life said...

George : Yes, it certainly is.
But at least there is closure.
I just hope the police did not make a mistake but if he confessed to his Dad then I don't think a mistake was made.It must have been hard for the Dad to get a confession out of him.
Now we wait for the story to come out.
Everyone wants to know why?

Gattina said...

I don't agree at all with "Small things amuse small minds" ! I think we are happy people to imagine things which other can't see ! That makes us rich (at least concerning fantasy!)
What an awful story ! Some people look like devils and are good and others like angels and are murders. Poor family !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - he is young and into other things and a boy. So as he grows more mature he will still change many times lol

I think it is a tragedy for the two families. The boy was only 17. We have grad pictures of him from last year. It was such a good year for my son and now to know it was one of our boys from Elementary schools who did it and a nice boy to boot....
well its just too much.We thought of so many other people who could have done it and the police had nothing. They walked from door to door asking people if anyone knew anything and no one did. It happened in broad daylight with a park full of people. Just before it happened we were on our way to soccer with our son and saw a huge bus full of foot ball players. So we thought maybe one of them went into the woods to pee??? It could happen but then we also had women being attacked from behind being hit on the head. But they got away but the description was that it was a big person and this guy is small.

SandyCarlson said...

Our frailty finds a way to reveal us to ourselves--whether we like it or not.

A Lady's Life said...

So true Sandy :)