Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Past Comes Rushing By


This was before my time but it feels so familiar, maybe because I watched so many movies of simpler times.
Like, To Kill a Mockingbird comes to mind.
The people were simple but very industrious.
They were adept at adapting to whatever life threw at them without much fuss.
Life and reality was what you saw every day.

The people in the middle picture could very well fit into a picture of the building of the railway or maybe Waltons' Mountain , or lumber workers.
The Garage is very familiar and we had such garages around where I lived in Montreal.

No fancy words.
You come in and they fix everything and anything.
You could smell the grease and the oils and diesel. A mechanic was well respected . His hands were black and he always carried a rag to wipe them with and a hat was always part of the over all uniform. lol He fixed cars and poured gas and served coffee and always had time for a smile and a chat.

Every trucker seemed to be his own man with respect to the fixing of his own rig.
When you travelled on the road, the driver of a big rig was your best friend in the case of a break down. He always had the best professional heavy tools ready for any situation and they were always ready to help as opposed to today. The trucker mentality has changed drastically.
I remember I used to love the smell of gas as it was poured into the gas tank.
The price of a truck in the 1930's and 40's ranged from about $ 395 .00 to 1,500
They are probably all manual. Henry Ford apparently didn't like the idea of electric starters

You can still pick up a 1948 F1 Ford Pick up for 20k
A 1934 Ford id engine flatbed sells today for 16,950.00

One fellow is selling a 1938 ford truck for 1,500.00 Must need repairs. lol
another 1937 ford pick up is selling for $54,900.00

Thats quite an investment and where would you find the leaded gas today to run it?
Sort of a bummer for the old car collector who likes to take his prize out for a drive and for a show.



A blonde had called a mechanic when her newly purchased 1965 Classic Chevrolet Corvette had broken down

'That's a lovely car,' says the mechanic. 'What seems to be the matter?'
Well, it just conked out I'm afraid.'
'Let me have look.' The mechanic set to work and ten minutes later the engine was purring like a cat again.
'Thank goodness,' she said. 'What was the matter ?'
'Simple really, just poop in the
carburetor,' he replied.
Looking shocked she asked, 'Oh, OK. How many times a week do I have to do that?'


  • A man was on a cruise in the Bermuda Triangle. A storm appeared without warning and his ship went down. He was in a lifeboat and began rowing to save people in the water. Ahead he saw a man waiving - he recognized that it was his attorney. He stated: "We have to save him first, he saved my ass on my divorce". They began rowing towards the attorney as a pack of sharks began swimming there as well. They got there first and began circling the attorney and the circle got smaller and smaller. His friend stated: "Oh, no - they are going in for a feeding frenzy" as they closed in and threw the attorney up in the air. He landed - straddling two sharks on their backs and then they leisurely swam him to the lifeboat. The attorney stepped from their backs into the lifeboat. Everyone aboard the lifeboat couldn't believe what they just saw and asked: "What just happened?" The attorney replied: "Professional courtesy". -- thanks to Paul Edholm
  • ----------------------------------------------
  • A cop stopped a speeding boy racer for going over the speed limit and told the speeding youngster " I have been waiting for you all day boy" The young boy racer replied " Sir, I got here as fast as I could".



    Mama Zen said...

    I love that attorney joke!

    A Lady's Life said...

    Mama Zen you are funny lol

    Gattina said...

    That's a time Germany wants rather to forget ! so many bad memories ! I fortunately was born in 43, so I didn't really live this mess, but the after war times weren't easy either at least for my parents.

    Akelamalu said...

    Ah those were the days! To Kill a Mockingbird was a great film and I was an avid fan of the Waltons.

    A Lady's Life said...

    Akelamalu - Yes those were nice times
    albeit it depression is not good but the life was simple . People socialized more and did more things like have dances, go to many community events,and churches were a lot more active cause people actually prepared for Sunday. It was a special day in those days. Today its soccer, baseball hockey etc...
    No time for other things but your own self interests.

    A Lady's Life said...

    Gattina - you are exactly right.
    Many times I asked about the war and the labor camps and no one wanted to talk so I had to read about it.I had to read about atrocities and met people at school who would come and tell me a lot more.
    My family said it's over lets move on.
    My Dad became a Canadian patriot loving this country saying he came with nothing and it fed him and clothed him gave him a job. So, forget about the rest.Make the cut.
    I was raised to love my country from coast to coast and I will fight for it and not the heritage my Dad and Mom left behind. It is wrong to raise the kids hating for things that happened to you in life and my Parents realized this. My world and life, was not theirs.

    George said...

    I enjoyed your post about simpler days and the people and the trucks. I also enjoyed the video.

    A Lady's Life said...

    tHanks George