Monday, February 7, 2011

Collections Over the Years

Over the Years you collect stuff.
Elephants for good luck
Fishermen for tons of luck. Those are from Bali.
Vases for a picture you like From ingapore. They had an outdoor pottery.

The Elephant on the left is from India and smells of sandal wood to this day.

Each article has a story to tell. A tiny bit of memory attached to it, of history.

These are a lot of things to pass on to your children and or grand children
if they should so desire to value them and learn history as it happened by the people who sat to make these things.

Children today see it as clutter. lol
They are into other stuff because our society does not raise them to value the same things as we did in our time.
Some how, by over protecting people with laws,which do not protect but give a false sense of security, we do not raise them to be tough enough to ride the storms life will present them.

I think the best thing to do with this stuff, is to put them all away in the attic, so no one sees them and then one day when we are gone, they can open boxes and find little treasures . lol

As I am writing this, on the 7th of Feb. 11 am. the wind has picked up to storm level.
Wonder what's up?

You are driving a bus. Four people get on, three people get off, then eight people get on and ten people get off, then 6 people get on and 2 more people get off. What color were the bus driver's eyes?

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Mama Zen said...

The bus driver's eyes are brown!

George said...

I've never been good at riddles, but the driver's eyes are definitely brown.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Great post! You have a wonderful collection. I have collected many treasures as well. It hard not to. :)

A Lady's Life said...

I knew you guys would get it so I didn't put in the answer lol

Lisa I know. Over the years its hard not to. But I have seen other women how they displayed everything and it looked so nice. So I still feel this can be done.

I, by the way George, have a chinese dong as well so I can use it to get the neighbor angry enough to tell me the time lol