Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Polar Reversals

Our Polar World.

What is happening.? Polar Reversal?
Will wonders never cease?
When will the world stop living in chaos?
When will Muslims understand that their Koran is just a guide book and not law?
Khoumeini and his followers want to live the way they do that's fine but they have no rights over other people. Democracy protects the minorities.

People make laws to govern themselves and we all agree that killing torturing stoning and sharia laws are wrong.
Dictatorship is the wrong way to go as well.
People are polar, like our planet.

The message our planet is sending us with polar reversal,
is that it is time for change.
If we continue on our present journey, solar radiation will enter our atmosphere and finish the job we can't seem to. We will all meet our maker sooner than we planned to and those of us who don't, will wish they did.
This is the prophesy.

So if the Khomeini wins, this means God is against him.lol
He can't afford to win and still keep his image as the protector of the Koran and God.
if the people are all damaged and choose death over life. What use does God have with dead people? Christian Religion is supposed to teach man's humanity to man which means tolerance and freedom. If there is none and people die then what use is religion to anyone? What use is Islam if it kills in the name of God. History already taught us that this is not what the Bible was meant to do throughout time. This is why it is just a book to guide us and keep in the fore front that there is a way to be good to survive.

The next war cannot afford to leave survivors and unless God can deliver us from our own evils
mankind, as we know him, will perish like the dinosaurs.
Muslims and Islam therefore, is working against itself.

Prince Charles was right when he said we must protect our environment for it gives us
nourishment to survive and to live, which is what God sent us here to do.
If he wanted us dead, we would be.


Otherwise why do we need democracy and freedom?
Why do we need politics or religion at all?

If the government works for itself instead of the people, as it seems
to be doing in Islamic countries, and even in ours to some extent, then the people, no matter how many times they wash and bow and kiss the earth,
will never go beyond poverty and suffering levels.

Jesus taught man that he did not need to suffer and he warned us of false prophets who tell us that we do. Religion is supposed to be about man's humanity to man because man is a social imperfect being. We have gone a long way from the days of Caesar, where thumbs up meant life and thumbs down meant death.
We, in the free world, know it can be done.

Freedom to live, produce and survive is the only way to progress in this world and it can only be done in a true
world of freedom, where man can express himself and be heard without fear of repercussions.
If man is kept in the dark, uneducated unprotected he is easier to enslave and then he lives with a lot of anger inside.

What is good for one nation, is not good for another.
What is good for one man, may not be good for another.
Our planet, with it's polar reversals and chaos, has not ended life but has shown us that everything is possible, if we believe and have faith in ourselves and in our individual relationship with the God, that made it all possible.

George Carlin -the spectator This man puts the fear of God into you.lol



George said...

Thank you for a very thoughtful post.

A Lady's Life said...

well george, this man carlin sure speaks the truth.When you listen to him he looks like he is against religion but he in actuality, is very close to it lol

Better is Possible said...

You've given me much to ponder. Your posts are always thought provoking, or educating and often humourous ( I love your jokes).
Thank you for all the time to take to share.

A Lady's Life said...

Thank you better is possible.
I feel we have to salvage our youth today and our world. It is a continuous battle isn't it, to make things better than they are?

We look up at the sky and have dreams and yet life forces us back down into the ground. Then eventually man loses his dreams and just accepts things as they are. They don't have to be.
This is why when I see universities accepting and educating old people in their 60's, I say good for them. Go for it. Get your degrees. Sit with young people. Socialize and kids accept you readily and the generation gap disappears cause in the classroom, you are at the same level lol

(Scribe816) said...

In one of my posts, "The Doomsday Clock" (Thought Worth Thinking) I stated;
"Being more of a spiritual than religious person, I feel that we have been held back from the eve of destruction by some external force. At this point I’m just wondering how far we’re willing to push our luck.
You have a very interesting post. Thanks.

A Lady's Life said...

Scribe Thanks
I think you are right .