Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Good Egg

This card dates back to 1976. It was sent me by my Cousin Natalie.
She is what I can call a good egg. lol
Come to think of it, I have a lot of good eggs around me.

My Cousin always loved horses like I do, except she rode them at her 4H Club in New York and then after getting married, her hubby got her a few beauts she loves and trains.
One she got as a colt and had to nurse to health and now she shows him.

Horses are a serious business and boy did I get a thrill when she let me sit on one, very well trained, gray Appaloosa named Blue I believe. I will never forget that day.
She explained to me that when you are training a horse for show only one person should ride it so horse and rider become one.

The only other horse I rode was this old whiskered wise guy in Quebec. I took him cause I thought he'd be the safest for my riding experience. lol
He sure knew his trail and was not exactly a follower.

We had a very muddy place to ride in and he took me away from all the dirt, over clean areas , and he didn't care if there was a tree branch to topple me off of him. lol
He was the boss and I just sat on him. lol

When we got back to the barn all the other horses were full of mud and when it came to my horse and me, he was in pristine condition while I needed a bath.
I was kinda sad cause every one else had a horse to clean and I had nothing. lol

This is where you bond with a horse when you fuss over it not like he cared to bond much with me at his age. lol All he wanted was the sugar cubes and the carrots.
He knew he had a job to do so he gets fed that day, so it was business as usual.
It's important to support riding stables for this reason alone.

I can say from that day forward, my respect for horses went up 100 fold.
I thought they were extremely, intelligent animals and although they like to travel in groups, they don't necessarily all think the same way.

I thought if you have a friend in a horse, its a friend for life. There's no telling when you will need him to get you out of a jam and so the friendship is mutual.

Good eggs come in all sizes and genetic make up. Doesn't matter if they are 2 footed or 4 footed, or with wings, each is designed unique.
Each wants to live.
Each has a preordained destiny.

Do you ever wonder why a certain animal or person is attracted to you and vs? There could be many pups but then there is just that special one that gives you a look or a special wag and you say .... are for me.
Well this sort of thing was pre ordained. You were meant to have this animal for a reason and vs.
and then the story comes out as to why.

When I look at my other half I think ...we were pre ordained. I needed him in way I needed no other and he took my fancy.
Now I know men will laugh at the next statement because men are simple. lol

I attracted him for a special reason as well, going much deeper than what guys look for in women. lol
Otherwise we would not be together after 37 years.
We always told our friends who'd ask if they should marry, that if they had to ask, it wasn't the right one.

No, we will grow old together. We are growing old together lol

And the kids watch and shake their heads saying boy, the two of you are of one mind and they can't figure it out.
Well yes and no. lol
He is still who he is and I am who I am but together, we are something else.

I guess we are two good eggs with two good egglings to raise trying to make sense , like everyone else, of this world we live in.
We want goodness to reign, families to be raised with good experiences.
We want a world with food on the table and clean fresh water.
We want to see good business not funny business.

Good makes for good but if you do bad, well what goes around comes around in full circle.
And we are seeing this happening right now. Things out of control.
People we trusted, who asked us for trust, betraying the good will of the people.

So who do we trust now? Certainly not men.
So we trust in God because he is there to teach us through our own mistakes and hopes we learn as we hope our children learn.

So I hope by talking about it, we can all one day realize that we have to be on the same page, working towards the same goals and felling one by one, those who exceed greed and heinous acts, by doing things beyond what is considered acceptable behavior.
Our country requires we be guided by the holy spirit which is a uniting force enveloping us all who enter and accepting it, as an existent force.

Man is not different.
Mankind , humanity, is all the same.

Once there was a dishonest painter who used to water down his paint far too much. One day, as he was painting the steeple of a church building, thunderclouds gathered and rain washed all his thinned-down paint away. Then followed a booming voice out of heaven, saying, "Repaint, and thin no more." (repent and sin no more)


Once a generous Rabbi went to work in the colony of a people called "the Trids." As he was among them, a large and menacing giant appeared on the scene and began abusing the Trids. He picked them up and threw them down and began kicking them mercilessly.

"Hey, stop picking on those poor Trids," the Rabbi interjected. "And stop kicking them. If you must kick someone, kick me instead."

The giant replied, "Silly Rabbi, kicks are for Trids." ( silly rabbit tricks are for kids)


Who was the wisest financial investor in the Bible?

A: Noah, who floated his stock, while everyone else liquidated their assets.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!


George said...

It sounds like you married a good egg, and I wish you 37 more years together.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks George and I wish the same for you. lol

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hello, I'd like to thank you for your kind visit and comment.

I used to long for a pony when I was little, and used to enter all the competitions in the newspapers to try to win one. Lord knows where we would have put it had I been successful ha ha!

I agree whole-heartedly that we need to remember that we are each members of the same humankind... alas tho' I fear what they say about 'One bad apple...'. It's a matter of how we deal with it that's so difficult.

A Lady's Life said...

Half heard in the stillness -
So true . We always worry about the one bad apple infecting other apples as they say.There in lies the problem.