Saturday, February 13, 2010


The opening ceremonies in Vancouver , BC was nothing short of spectacular!!

It made me proud to be a Canadian.

It was not an easy feat to accomplish but Canadians pulled it together, for the great Athletes, the world is so proud of.
Young men and women, who worked hard to achieve something good enough,
to present to the world.

Our sons and daughters competing, strong, determined, happy,
setting examples for the world to follow.

My heart is full and all I can say is


At a glance it's easy to understand that nothing in life is impossible.
You need to dig in and work towards your successes in life.
You cannot fail, unless you stop trying.

On February 12th the clouds in Vancouver skies formed the Olympic circles of peace.

It was awesome!!!

LOVE HURTS - Nazareth


Betsy Banks Adams said...

I have talked all day on blogs about how much I LOVED the Opening Ceremonies.. You have gorgeous country up there --and you should be very proud of it.

I'm surprised that yours is the FIRST blog I have read today (out of about 75) that has talked about the Olympics.. AND--I have alot of Canadian blog friends. I was just SO impressed....

I hope to visit your country sometime. Where are you????

Thanks for visting my blog. I hope you will return.

George said...

I also think the opening ceremonies for the Olympics were the best I've ever seen. I like the emphasis that was put on individuals. But the visuals were simply stunning.

A Lady's Life said...

Hi Betsy Thanks for visiting.
Every one is on the street celebrating.
I live close to Vancouver.
We had 650 thousand people at BC place last night. Security is very tight. Many people left for holidays to avoid being strangled lol
Unfortunately there are always a few who want to spoil things.They want money but they don't help bring business and jobs to BC and we have a lot to offer.So much beauty, good restaurants, night life, art.It was nice to see how the opening ceremonies united Canada from coast to coast.
I support such events because these athletes are good role models
and our Olympic committee is keeping things clean.
GO CANADA!!!! :)

A Lady's Life said...

George I agree.
We were sitting here mesmerized at the performance they put on.
It was put together very well.
After that poor Georgian boy's accident we were sitting biting our nails hoping nothing else would go wrong.I mean so many people were hanging off the
And I simply loved how the native tribes took part with their gorgeous costumes!!
Thanks for visiting:)


Voegtli said...

And we already got a gold medal.


A Lady's Life said...

It was speed skating yes?
Congratulations !!!!

Gattina said...

Sadly now a tragedy happened !

Diane AZ said...

I enjoyed the opening ceremonies, and I must say you have a beautiful country!

Akelamalu said...

You have every right to be proud! :)

Icy BC said...

It's very exciting to see the opening celebration. Beautiful country!

Nessa said...

Yay, Canada!

Rosemary and Reflections

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

I missed it - but I'll look on You-Tube! Best wishes to all the wonderful young athletes.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina: yes I just can't imagine what the parents must be feeling. To have gone sooooo young

Diane : Yes North America is indeed spectacular from sea to shining sea.
Hate borders. lol

Akelamalu: Yes we all do :)
Thanks Nessa
Three Rivers:Thanks we are fortunate to have history in the making here in Vancouver. :)

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks ICY BC

juliana said...

i enjoyed the opening ceremony, too.
the death of the georgian athlete was tragic but here's hoping all goes well from now on