Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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Happy Birthday on Sax

I remember February 11th When I gave birth to my sweet little bald eagle.
He came fast once he decided to come.

It was the coldest day of the year and I had him bundled up so well, afraid he would breath the extremely cold air outside and catch his death.

The streets were covered in snow and ice.
The day was glum, misty, threatening to get worse.

The expression in the eyes of my little boy was that of anger.
He was angry to be born . Angry to be torn away from his warm dark place
where he could hear everything from the safety of a warm womb.
The freezing temperatures outside on Montreal streets were uninviting.

I was afraid I would bundle him too much and he would suffocate before we got home.
Both Mom and Babe had much to learn from and about each other.

But the bond was made and neither could get enough of the other.
And so time flew,
days flew,
years flew,
and now he flew away too
to begin a new life.

February 11th, my life changed and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

What precious gifts God gives us to learn from, love and enjoy.
Today my baby has his own baby and I hope he enjoys her as much as I enjoyed raising him.

His hair grew, into lovely golden curly locks I hated to cut.
He was my hearts delight to watch and to play with.

So I wish my darling son a very Happy Birthday.
May all his wishes come true.
and may he live a long and prosperous life

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Nessa said...

Happy Birthday, Alex.

A New Old Fairy Tale

Voegtli said...

That is nice. Happy Birthday, Alex.