Thursday, July 30, 2015


Nothing distresses me more than having to read stories like this one.
I just can't understand people.
 Paying so much money to hunt and kill for trophy,
animals who just live their lives quietly in what already is scarce
 land for them to live on.

Cecil from Zimbabwe, was such a beautiful lion.
So many people try to raise money to keep them alive and here
this fella from the US thinks if he pays some money
 he can do away with all this effort  .

 I really hope this guy loses his dental clients,
 gets put in jail for life or fed to the lions.
He certainly deserves a punch in the nose.

Preying on animals who do not fear you, walk around tourists all day,
is just blood thirsty killing. What joy can there be in telling a story
that you killed an animal who had no chance against you or your
evil thoughts just for the fun.
Those hunting days are over.
There should never be any licenses given to hunt in Africa for trophy purposes.
Every thing good is always destroyed by man.
I watched Russel Peters and Chelsea Handler on stage.
I have to say those two should get together.
Would be nice to see who would do a better job of shutting the
 other person up. lol

Used to be a time when jokes were clean and funny.
Today it's like comedians are 2 years old.
They are obsessed with their penises and vaginas and poop.
The audience seems no better cause they sit and laugh.
On the one hand Chelsea bragged that someone told her her vagina was tight
at 39. and then she went into how much poop flowed into her huge vagina.

Which is it Chelsea? lol

Then she said she doesn't care what people think and then finishes off by
saying someone knew who she was when she had her poop problem and it
bothered her.
Who are these people?
It got me to thinking about Robin Williams. The guy was brilliant, rich, famous
and yet nothing brought him joy and peace.
Leading unstable lives, eventually catches up to you.

Chelsea teaches people to be immoral. She says ya you need this.
She tries to desensitize women. All she does is hurt herself and a lot of young women
who will believe in what she says. Can you imagine living in a world full of Chelseas?
It would be murder on all fronts.
Russel Peters told young people not to tatoo themselves.
He at least uses his
comedy to also teach people to rein themselves in.
 He said as you age it will look ugly.

This universal humping thing is killing true love.
It is killing something that should be sacred and valued between two people.
We are all the losers for it if we buy into this.
As you watch the world cave into itself like a black hole, you wonder
what will happen to all this beautiful nature?
The trees and flowers, running brooks, sunshine peeking out like a halo through
vegetation. Animals who glorify the planet.

 As man promotes self rape
and self destruction of the one temple existing within himself, then
what of the rest?
What of all the Cecils out there who no one can protect and defend against these vile
things called man?
Man must be the most unhappiest creature on the face of this planet, because he is never
satisfied with what he has or who he is. He always wants more and accepts nothing to stand in his way to get it, not land, not law, not even God.
What do we do with runaway liberalism? What do we do when no one wants the word NO?


Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

I so agree -- with your views about the outrageous cruelty and willful cluelessness of the dentist who killed Cecil and about low brow toddler humor comedy these days. Like you, I'm at a loss to understand how some arrogant jerk could justify paying money to kill a beautiful animal who was simply living his life and was lured, it would appear, from his safe haven to the crosshairs of this rich coward's gun. I've never understood the trophy hunting thing -- killing for pleasure?? Please!!!

The owner of a publishing company I worked for when first out of college was an avid trophy hunter. He had a polar bear that he had shot mounted in full attack mode just outside his office. My boss, a macho guy but not a hunter, used to scoff at him for that, saying that if you looked very closely at the backside of the bear, you could see that this guy had shot him in the back as he was running away. I found that so sad and enraging.

Re comedy: yes, I don't understand this trend to potty humor. But I'll tell you -- Chelsea Handler makes a lot of money doing bad comedy and writing horrible books that sell millions (while the rest of us working writers made do with tiny advances and no publicity). She's making a fortune being crude as are a whole generation of young comics. I really hope young adults don't see her and others as true role models.

It really does give one a bad taste for humanity -- until you realize that good people abound -- from those protesting Cecil's needless death to those being quietly kind and living with grace and integrity every day of their lives

A Lady's Life said...

Kathy - I think we are all headed for a rude awakening.
Things generally are going a bit too far.
People today have rights to disrespect themselves and demand you respect their decision.
It's a schizo behavior. Very unhealthy. No one is there to say no.
I believe the answers do not lie in laws but in people and people just have to speak up and say no.
No one knows if there is a God but the 10 Commandments speak for themselves.