Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Building Bridges


Building bridges has always been a problem in life
be it between people or connecting empty spaces.
Never the less ingenious methods have enlightened generations of
 people throughout time.

Here in Peru, where time seems to stand still, people still find the
old ways, the best ways.
When the old wears away, it can then go back into nature without
much harm.
The only thing I would do is make it a little wider so horses and mules
 could cross as well and maybe a small cart.
 But then it would wear it out quicker .

At home I continue to futz around with my porch garden.
So delightful to wake up to green leaves some of which I began
from a single leaf and now have grown into bushes.
I have some small plants growing. I am not sure if they are apple
or something else. I planted some cherry seeds and will see
 what pops out there. I replant shallot roots and they are sprouting again,.
Potato skins grow fast and just need containers of soil.
Since the rabbits dug and mixed seeds up , I have no way of knowing what is
 growing where . Only time will tell.

I am always looking for inspiring things to do yet lately can't bring myself
to be inspired to do anything. So I sit enjoying my small garden
biding time

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