Friday, April 24, 2015

Shopping Fever.

Woke up to rain again.
Yesterday I made this little bunny going shopping, from scraps
laying in front of my eyes. I figured, why throw them away.
 Today every little piece costs money. I have become very frugal these days.
Must be age.
My son is not so particular. He says garbage is garbage and is quick to
 dump things. I use every thing .

Kids today have things easy as opposed to us in our days when pennies
 had to be counted, and parents were tough. My allowance was 25cents a week.
So with that you could buy 5 cent bags of chips, with free bag coupons inside
or you could collect 4 weeks and afford to buy your Mother a pack of needles
for Mothers' Day. One store owner must have received every bag with
a free bag coupon inside. We kept going back every two minutes until we felt
 sorry for her and went to another store to redeem our coupons and the other store
 bags had none.
 Since my Mom didn't sew, I now think maybe needles was not an
appropriate gift but then what else could you buy for $1.00 at a corner store?
Our corner store owner was a very nice man. I think he had a part time job
as a bookie betting on horse races.
 We had Blue Bonnets horse racing back then.
Anyway, it was the thought that counted.
Right Mom? ;)

Later my allowance went up to a dollar a week.
With 4.00 dollars I could afford better
It took a lot of planning in those days.
Then as I got older, it went up to $7.00 and then $14.00 which
I added to with babysitting money.
By the time I got to college my Dad handed me my bank book with the money
they saved up for me over the years and told me to add to it and keep that balance.
That way I would always have money. It was good advice and made me
 feel good about myself.

I remember our neighbor boys ran around collecting bottles and bringing in
those for cash. Three boys would sit around the table counting their earnings and
arguing how much money each one should get.
These boys grew up to become Chartered Accountants lol

Have nothing much to say so just putting up a picture to cheer people up.
and wish them a GREAT DAY!



Gattina said...

I was more lucky than you. I got everything I wanted and when I started to work I was very well paid thanks to my language knowledges.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina I was an only child but my parents never spoiled me.I did more for them than they ever did for me and it made me feel real good doing it.
I guess they earned breakfast in bed more than I did, cause my kids never thought to do any of those things for my husband and I.
Their philosophy was you give and we receive lol
I enjoyed being a stay at home Mom. My volunteer work took up most of my time and my krafts I always gave away to peoples' delight.I enjoyed giving and was blessed to have been able to do that.

George said...

I very much enjoyed your recollections on the way things used to be. Although I think young people today face many challenges today, I also think they take many things for granted.

A Lady's Life said...

George So true.
Much has changed in such a short period of time.
I would be a little careful though,
relying on technology they could rip right out from under you at any time.
Best to have things on paper.
Life is better when you slow things down.
In Quebec everything was done yesterday manually and here in BC, it takes ages for everything with high speed technology. lol
Doesn't make sense.