Monday, April 20, 2015

Nesting Soul

Seems life is like a nesting doll .
You never know how much of yourself you have inside, to stir up.
A better example shows that if you take a glass of dirty water and let it sit,
the sediment inside will fall to the bottom and the water will be clean.

Then you take a spoon and stir it up and the water will be dirty again.

You can't blame the spoon for stirring up dirt that is already in the water.
and this is how life is when it comes to sin.
When we work, God rests and when we rest, God works.

People sin and people die as a result of their sins.
Man made laws are out there to control the sins.
Laws are like the spoon which stirs things up inside of people.
 People break laws and die and then they resurrect.

Once the spirit breaks off from this world, it belongs to God and
if it returns to the body, we have to ask who does it belong to?
It still belongs to God.
 It no longer belongs to worldly laws that govern us.
It no longer belongs to husbands or wives, mothers or fathers, or to nations.

 As a spiritual being, it is free to follow Gods' laws without sin.
This basically is an explanation  as to why Christ died for us and then resurrected.
He took the sins of this world, died and resurrected a spiritual being, without sin.
He showed us that it can be done.
We can be happy in physical form, without sin, when the spirit belongs to God.
There is no spoon or laws to stir up sin.

I could relate this some how,  to what happened in these woods.
Could they be as precious to me now, as sinless as the world I ran away from?
Seems dirt is swirled no matter where we try to hide away from it.

I gazed at the these wonderful men who were my guardian angels and saved my life
while trying to up hold man laws against the sinners. I tried to look beyond Burts' eyes
and then there were the haunting eyes of James, the last time I saw him.
The eyes are truly the windows to the soul where the spirit lives.

James didn't make it to the cabin that day. Burt stayed on as things settled down.
A week had gone by when I heard a Jeep making its' way in.
James got out and we stood there looking at each other a long time.

He shrugged and walked over slowly .
I had to come and apologize. 
I didn't want to mislead you.

It's Ok. I know the whole story now.
You had a job to do and I didn't make it easy on you.
I shuffled the ground under my feet.

James took my hand.My name is Kevin Hall
and I'd sure like to be your friend.

Emotions are not things I am good at. I never could control them.
I turned to hide the tears just so Burt could see them.
I flushed even more and trudged into the cabin.

Come have some coffee!

I took control of myself filling cups while the two men who meant the most to me,
stood by quietly.

Ok ......well , let's forget it all and start again. the way......

Did I tell you my name is not Eleanor?..............


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