Saturday, April 18, 2015

Living the Good Life

Made sandwiches for supper from fresh tomatoes , shallots and
cheese complimented by fried eggs and boiled ham.
 Burt was a gem. Never complained and ate with gusto.

 Maybe you should do what the Officer suggested Ell and go live with your parents or maybe some friends for a while. I can't be of much use if someone comes looking for trouble.

 I laughed.
It's a funny thing.
You know how kids always want to live on their own?
 Well my friend did just that. She moved to an apartment she shared with her friend.
 Everything seemed fine for a while, until her friend let her friends come over.
They slumped every where, emptied the fridge, sat there and watched you if you ate without sharing.
They played loud music so doing home work was impossible

 It got to the point they would raid her room and help themselves to what ever.
 None of them had jobs. My friend told her friend that this would not do and was told that she was selfish.
 When people need help, we should help them.

 My friend told her that if they have money for drugs, they have money for other things and besides the rent is shared between 2 people not 10 and one should be able to sleep in ones' own room in ones' own bed and not have to share ones' clothes, DVD's and whatever else they help themselves to without permission.

After visiting her a few times, I knew this was not for me.
 Since they had a contract signed by two people, it was hard to leave. She had to put locks on her bedroom door and kept a fridge in her bedroom.
There was constant tension, no peace, no alone time.
Bathroom was always busy as they used the tub to sleep in.

So I moved out here and had fun building my own cabin.
 It's been good until now. It's ok to help people in trouble but good manners is always an asset and people should have some.
 I thought James was a very thoughtful person and this is what makes this whole thing very difficult.

Anyway, a pair of extra ears always helps Burt. I am kinda glad you are staying here.

Burt grinned. Ya my kids were the same. Every one wants to grow up fast. You keep tellin them to slow down. Life seems to go even faster today, than in my time. I remember when they sold homes, not real estate. When they sold Insurance like Allstate, you were in good hands. You worked to raise families, not divorce. Heck I listen to jokes today and they aren't funny. Coming out of comedian mouths who supposedly make fun of their experiences, makes you feel sad and here people are laughing.
 Well now that Jesse is gone, I have no purpose to stay. Can't go back into the woods.

Well, where do you usually go?

Oh I have a son and daughter. They always tell me to stay but they are busy with their own lives. The kids are quite active and noisy and I don't mind baby sitting, but I do enjoy the peace and fresh air of the wilderness.
 I like it here just as much as you do.

Well then stay. I will get my cycle back. There's plenty of food, wood for the fireplace. You could still hunt and sew up your pelts and go fishing. The river never freezes out here.

Well maybe for a while. I hate leaving you alone right now.

 The air was cool and fresh as we slept through the night but dawn was
awakened by military copters.
The RCMP was in full swing just as we expected.
You couldn't help think that something was a miss. What were they not telling us?

 As I went out to tend to my chores I saw out in the distance, my old friend Yawny.

Now what brought him out here?

Go away stupid wolf! Go away before they kill you!!!

 but all my efforts to convince him to leave were futile.
He just sat there, golden and gorgeous.

 My good ol faithful friend. Are you here to take care of me again?

 My heart felt heavy and sad as I picked my vegetables for the day and planted more seeds.
 I stood by the coral watching Beau and he came over to nudge at me.
 I hugged his neck feeling his strength and utter trust.

 I love you too, I thought. More than you will ever know.

 As I turned to leave, Beau came and gave me a hard push from behind.
 I turned around to look at him and his playfulness reminded me of who we were.

 Ok I get it. Get over it right?
 As usual, you are always right my friend.
. Always right.
 I grabbed a bucket of oats and alfalfa and spread them in the food trough and let the cows out to graze.

 The smell of coffee permeated the air and soon breakfast of pancakes, jam, fried eggs, packed with shallots, tomatoes, and mushrooms, quick buns and sliced cucumber lay spread out on the table.

 I could see Burts' nostrils flare as he slept on the bed. He made me laugh.

 Ok, I know you are awake. Come an get it.

Thought you would never ask . He smiled and jumped up like a boy of 15.

Ah... Go wash up? Obediently he went outside and wet himself with water.

 It was nice to have someone to cook for. but dishes as usual were not fun to wash.
I cleaned the soup pot and filled it with water . A good broth was always welcome. A few slices of bacon, and garlic were boiled. Soon potatoes, carrots, and lentils were added.

 Burt went out with his fishing hat and soon he brought back a few nice bass which I immediately cleaned and fried with onions. Wood had to be chopped and prepared for winter. Barn had to be stacked with hay.

 I harnessed a cow to the mower and soon we had tons of nice hay to stack away in the loft. Being in a valley had its' good points cause the snow did not stay long and there was always grass to chew out in the field.
 The bunnies mass produced like crazy.
 It was all we could do to make cages for them since mama's had to be kept away from the papas to raise babies.
We did not have to worry about eggs or chickens or rabbit for winter. Who knows, maybe next year we could add duck to the menu.
 The pens were all surrounded by used hay which kept them all warm in winter no matter how cold it got.
 I guess it also kept predators away since they could not smell them out.

We collected wild berries and jars of jam filled our coffers and then there were the pickled and dry mushrooms.and even pickles and pickled tomatoes with cauliflour, peppers and broccoli.
 Then we made tomato sauces in jars.
 Burt knew all about mushrooms and he showed me which ones were edible.

 Four hands was a lot better than two. After a nice hard days work, one felt good.
Good food. Fresh air. Peace and quiet and a wonderful winter wonderland to look out at ....could heaven be any better?

 Burt worked on his pelts making moccasins, mittens, and hats. He made beautiful leather pouches. I worked on my paintings and since we had a lot of clay, I learned to make puppets of forest little people which I dressed up from old fleece blankets.
They looked cute and impish and I hoped they would sell come spring.
With left over fur pieces I made little woods men .
They were carved out of cedar.

 My Harley came back good as new and with a few chains on the tires, we were able to use it in winter. News got around about all the trouble we had in the fall and soon we had another pregnant Pinto horse and a pregnant jersey cow added to our family.
 People sent animal food and people food.

 Burt was really touched by the gift of the Pinto. Her name was Savannah and she was 13 years old and to have a little one around her, was surely a blessing.

Every day I'd say hello to Yawny. He didn't seem to want anything and was just happy to watch us from afar.
 By Christmas, we managed to get a tree outside in a wooden container.
 I had lots of wicks in jars filled with oil and water to hang outside and light on Christmas Eve.
 We also made seed balls for the birds from honey oats and fat.
 Burt had his own room now since it was stupid to sleep on a couch.
He wasn't a visitor.
 Things couldn't have been nicer.

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