Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Winds of Change

We are all aging and animals do not escape it any more than we do.
Beau was a gorgeous , smart little puppy.
A little bear.
He grew up rugged, stocky, and very thick furred.
I have never had a dog with the kind of fur this dog has.
His face however kept its' baby faced expressions and if it wasn't for the
whitening around his nose, one would never know he was aging.

Beau took his second place in the alpha domain quite well.
He respected Nuggets' number one position and then little Tanya came and well she is the little woman of the house. Keeps every one in line.
But Beau is no beta dog .
If she goes too far, he makes sure she knows it and then she trots off like an innocent little pup.
Ordinarily Beau is just good hearted and stands aside to let her have her way.

Yesterday he felt hot in that furry skin of his.
My son and I noticed and we began quietly talking using he word "walk", just to see if it had any effect on him..
You don't have to talk to a dog directly in order for him to understand a word.
Beau heard "walk" and got up from his nap, to poke his nose at my son to say, he would
really...really.....really.....really ....really
like one.
No one takes him for walks since my oldest son left. Alex was the dog walker but when he walked the two dogs, people let their dogs loose in the bog and they attacked Beau who was leashed.
As a result we don't let him outside because he barks at
everything he hears and sees especially at other dogs.
So he has to make do with outdoor pee time and the house.
Yesterday we had a good laugh at Beau and my son felt sorry for him and said ok
Let's go.
To see the delight in Beau's face at the prospect of a walk was worth everything.
So little to make this dog happy.
Since the passing of both Nugget and Tatty, the animals took a while to get used to the idea
the head honchos, were not coming back.
Beau was happy for the extra room, more love and freedom.
He pokes his nose at your hand and would sit all day forcing you to pat him if you let him but he is also happy to lie by your feet or nearby where he can keep an eye on things.
He was always the kind to hide behind a bush and watch you, while you look for him .
Then finally he decides, when he's had enough time playing hide and seek with you.
His coloring blends him into his environment soo well, you can't see him. lol

And Precious, who loved her Tatty , finally learned not to scream every time the neighbor cat comes over to woo her. She is spayed and needs no boyfriends lol.
For the first time in years she comes inside and mews to tell you she is hungry or if she wants to go outside.
She even began to be more civilized when you come to pick her up for pats and purrs.
Very independent lady this one and her own girl.
Now when Tanya tries to bother her at her food dish, she lets her, as if she welcomes the company.

Yes, the wind of time has changed.
And along with it both people and animals.


George said...

Thanks for a very interesting post. It sounds as if Beau has adapted to the winds of change very well.

A Lady's Life said...

George - We had to laugh because Beau was sleeping and we wanted to know if he understood the word "walk".
The conversation had nothing to do with him but the moment he heard it he woke up and came over.
This means animals would have a lot to say if they could talk.
People talk around animals thinking they don;t understand but they understand a lot more than we give them credit for.

Rob-bear said...

Our critters are very bright creatures, indeed. A lot more than we give them credit for being.

It's probably a good thing they cannot write books. Good for us, that is.

A Lady's Life said...

rob bear - you are right lol
Can you imagine all the stories they would have seeing through their eyes

Gattina said...

I can't imagine a dog who has to stay inside all the time ? Never a walk ? That's rather sad.
Btw you made me laugh when you wrote :"The French from France deplore the way the French talk in Quebec." This is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. They forgot that everybody spoke like this when the French took Quebec over, it's the old French. In Normandy in some places they still talk like that and are often taken for Canadians. The French with is spoken today is the modern French. In Quebec the time just stood still !

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina I don't know. But we did not learn the same French. Our teachers were all from Paris.
But I don't think so . This French here is not from France. It's all broken up with English and some words are made up so it's become Quebecois French.The French teachers said its not how French is spoken back home. Every place has a dialect like the difference between Marseille and Paris but we understand it. But you have a point. Maybe it is a French that's not spoken in France today But I don't think 100 years would make it that different would it?
Don't forget Canada is a young nation.

A Lady's Life said...

Gattina - Yes it is sad Beau can't go out. I can't walk him or even let him out in the back yard and my youngest has his own life.I can't annoy the neighbors to that extent.Once he begins , he will never stop. This dog was my other sons but he left him and went to Australia so he's an orphan lol But he let Beau be attacked and Nugget used to defend Beau as a pup also when he was leashed but Nugget never barked. People are insensitive to others peoples rights when they unleash their dogs because you never know how the dogs communicate between each other and then you end up with problems. Beau even barks if you talk on the phone and he hears a voice but sees no person. He is a good guard dog and I like him for that reason.
Break ins for older people can be very dangerous because they don't care if your are home. Old people get beat to a pulp if they are home when the break ins occur.The police tell us to keep our doors locked.

Diane said...

I love to hear about your furry family members. our dogs have quite a vocabulary. "Downstairs. Walkies. Okay. Park. Sit. Down. Dead. Pee." And lots more. All animals are so smart!

A Lady's Life said...

Diane they can learn up to 240 words apparently.