Friday, June 29, 2012

My Bones. 
Bones - How much are our bones worth?
According to the video I saw today, our body can be cut up and sold for 250,000 dollars.
It seems there is a big demand for body parts and we can't really be sure where they come from or from whom. In fact when people are given cremated ashes of their loved ones, it may not be their loved one at all.

Some body parts are stolen and sold for a lot of money to people in need and yet we are asked to donate them for free so someone else makes a profit and sticks the person in need with a lot of money to pay for the parts.
Doesn't sound fair does it? No one should donate a body for free now that we know it's worth 250k.
This can help the dead persons' family a lot.

They suggested that in order to stop bodies from being stolen, people should donate their bodies themselves, for parts after they die, so there is no illegal demand.

This is how our system works..
Actually this is how it doesn't work. Nothing is sacred.
 Not even death.
Just to think of someone cutting up my body after I am dead, gives me the willies.
To think that I have no choice in the matter because someone will chop me up anyway, for financial gain,
is criminal. 
It's a new world and people are looked upon as nothing but meat. 

Too many people. Too many demands.

Families have to check the body of their loved one in the casket before it is buried, to make sure it was not tampered with and that the bones are the original ones and the eyes are still there.
Of course when there is an autopsy, one never knows what they did inside or even if they left anything inside.
Terribly morbid thing to think about.

A criminal is a criminal. 
If it is illegal for family to tamper with a dead body, then for strangers to do it without permission
is even worse. In my case, our religion demands we be buried whole and not even cremated. 
On judgement day, the soul returns to the body.

In Germany during WW2, bodies were lying everywhere. Some people robbed the dead bodies.
Word got around that those who did this never gained from the robbery. The dead come to take back what is theirs and the robbers ended up dying as well.
This was a tale that was told me by more than one person who lived through the war. 

This was a horrible video to watch about the selling of body parts and that even funeral homes, who are entrusted and paid for preparing the body burial, are involved.

In the olden days the family would take the body home and keep it at home for three days before its buried.
Maybe those days have to return if the system is broken.
How sad.


Akelamalu said...

My father left his body to medical science and hubby and I have done the same. There's no guarantee that they will take us though, it depends on if they have room and what we die from.

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - If you do so of your own free will that's one thing.
But to have your body stolen so some one can make a profit, that's another.I didn't check what they did to my Dads' body or my Moms' . Maybe they were lying in the casket with missing body parts.
Just think. You gave away 250,000 dollars for someone to make money on.
People received cancerous bones, aids infected ACL/s and ankle tendons, etc....
They can grow bone and skin and ears and make artificial blood today. Maybe they can do the same with livers and kidneys and bladders.We discourage such things by giving away cadavers. Lets face it. People always die from some kind of disease or other. There are very few accidents out there to make much of a difference.Personally, I'd like to know that when I die ,they bury me whole.

Mama Zen said...

What a creepy thought!

A Lady's Life said...

mama zen - tell me about it

SandyCarlson said...

I don't care to be sold for parts. I think so much that goes on in the name of medicine and science to preserve and prolong life merely degrades it.

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy : I think we can't assume people will make the right decisions for us.
It's all about money instead of what is right and what is wrong.

George said...

This is positively creepy. Maybe we should all live so long that our bodies just wear out and then are of no use to anyone.

A Lady's Life said...

George - they lie on the paper work.
No one knows nothing about where the body parts come from.You could be getting parts from a very ill 95 year old person.