Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wife Swap Anyone?

It's becoming a scary world out there.
Not much to choose from and no one knows what to expect anymore. lol

We watch movies and intellect has fizzled right out the window.
If  we bring up our children to focus on nothing but entertainment, then
who is to guard the future of this country?

In Canada, I remember my teachers mimicking each other and it irritated the heck out of me.
It's ok for Europe.
Europe's doing it.
Look at Europe and every one is happy.
They shoved Europe down our throats because Europe gave people something for nothing.
And Canadians gobbled it all up.
No one knew anything about Europe, except that Europe did it lol
No one understood that nothing is for free.

There is a price for everything we do and use.
Europe...had all the answers.
Here,in BC and Ottawa, the NDP has always been hollerin
Look at Europe
They have social programs  and seems every one is happy.

And Europe is not happy.

Yesterday our Finance Minister should be applauded for saying NO to Europe.
Europe needs a bail out .Suddenly....... it ran out of answers.
A few years back the US needed a bail out and Europe showed leadership and said NO.
 It imported and has enough mouths to feed.
The US was told to fix itself.

Here in Canada, our Liberals and NDP always say yes, as if their pockets can never empty,
while our people live on frozen city streets and the rest get abused by
hydro and gas companies we were told would sell services cheap.
 So .... What happened there?
Thank God we  have someone who read a few books
and is smart and brave enough to voice leadership and
 This is a word that should be used more.
 Governments have to tell banks, finance companies, Real Estate firms, untrustworthy businesses and liberal
judges who say everything is ok......


If we cannot raise people with competent thinking capabilities , unafraid to lead,Believing that to rule, truth cannot be told to the people,
what happens to democracy and elections ?
Leaders... Untrained to think.....but trained to lie?

What options do we have except to
Vote for empty headed people, who want to lead but have no answers, except to raise taxes.?
Vote for people, who talk the empty talk, to get elected.
And what if every country becomes like this?

We will all stand like fools pointing at each other.
while crooks rule outside the system and don't care about what anyone thinks.
They are the true people, who do get something for nothing
because we are too busy looking at everyone except ourselves.

So..... have you read any good books lately? lol

Sleeping with a good science, biology, math, biochemistry, physics book
seems like a good option in face of todays' news and street behavior.

When someone asks how to build a bridge, we can say no, if we know it will fall and if it can be built better, cheaper.
When someone wants to build a ferry boat, we can say no, because the waves from it will be too big or we have a better design..... lighter, stronger, available.
When someone wants to build a house, we can say how and where because we understand infra structure
 and who it's built for, to live in.
When we buy meat, we know who grew it and where it came from.
We know the butcher, the baker, the milk man  and the trucker .
 There would be no room for mistakes because you hire knowledgeable people, who have no choice but to be accountable for their actions.
We would know the true definition of what a wife is and what a husband is
Knowledge, would make it easier on the justice system which would have less gray areas to deal with.
because in big systems, knowledge disappears.
This is called education.
A far cry from instruction.
Education teaches one to think, not with the heart or self interest but to be able to gather info
in the right way, so as to make good decisions for every one, with positive results.
Getting the right education, unifies people and countries.
because there are less mistakes and
Right and wrong is seen in a clearer light
as it really and truly is.
One thing every one knows.
United we stand, divided we fall.
We will never understand other people, if we first don't understand ourselves.
An old Professor once told me, it takes years to learn.
You can't wake up one morning and have one person tell you
it's like this and take it, that what he told you was true.
Education is a life study which never ends and leaves room and doors open
to correct mistakes.
It's not too late for Canada to pull back.
We still can control who we sleep with, buying producing, growing and building local and
bringing jobs back to Canada.
Have a good one :)
PS I'd love to comment on every ones blog but sometimes the captcha words make it impossible
It's best to take them off.


Diane said...

Oh, my, this is so true. One of my mother's favourite mantras was 'Clean your own doorstep!' She always told us to take care of ourselves and stop looking at what others were doing. It is so true! Soon or later, you find that what 'they' were doing didn't work anyway! Thank you for sharing!

A Lady's Life said...

Diane - We are fed the word Globalism.
That's a bad word.
It discredits nulls and voids all the progress one does to enhance ones own country.We fight, for example, global warming through our check books, while others profit from it and then cry for help.It doesn't work.
China is poisoning its' people and sending the poison for us to buy so our children are born defective.
Japans' radiation is brought to our shores by the ocean currents.
Foreign firms are slowly buying us out and employing people to run it where they can't be sued, outside the nations' jurisdiction. They are destroying our land and small farmers.Small private companies are better than big ones and employ local people.
We did well with that way of life.
Today, no one knows whats up. Companies are bought out to be broken up. This is not progress and helps no one.

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Here too, we do this, look at India..look at USA. Look at China But we neither looked, nor did anything.

A Lady's Life said...

Izdiher - Islamic countries have a different problem. They have a human rights problem and they want this problem instilled in free countries.Islamic countries are tribal and man oriented.Before anything can be done there, fanatical religion has to be changed. This doesn't mean other religions in other countries who know how to co exist with other people, need to change.They don't make demands
to change infrastructure designed for all "people" to co exist.No free person can co exist under Islamic laws.
They say Islam is peace but tribes still fight between each other and abuse women.
People live in fear.These are Islamic problems the Islamic people need to deal with. There is something wrong when people are not allowed to use their minds to think or denied education to learn.
This isn't what we want when talking about
This isn't peace. This is an explosion waiting to happen.

Zuzana said...

I guess I am in Europe, so I better not say too much here, hihi.;))

A Lady's Life said...

Zuzana - every country does what is good for it. But each country is different. Canada should not be looking at Europe and Europe should not be looking at Canada.
People have to look after their communities and do whats right for them. Going Global, Intl.. means loss of control. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand this.
Now every one is broke and it's going to get worse before it gets better.If it gets better. All we need is more civil unrest and more wars.