Monday, July 4, 2011


This was another dog type I got from the SPCA put on the put down list.
The SPCA kept it in a wooden shed like building on soil ground with a bit of straw.
She looked at me and I felt sorry for her so I bought her.
I named this Miniature Pinscher, Lady because of her long delicate paws which she liked to cross in front of her when she sat down. She really behaved like a proper Lady,
very amiable , devoted to the family, small, easy to maintain, train and a good guard.

Once I got her to where I saw she would make a good companion, I gave her to my grand mother.
She was in her 70's and lived with her daughters' Motherin law, who also was alone.
Together they took care of each other.

My grandmother fell in love with this dog. She was the best companion for her as she followed her around and just waited for her to sit down on the couch so she could jump on her lap and cover her in kisses.
Thus these dogs are called lap dogs. lol

The other old lady living with my grand mother also loved her.
She was deaf and Lady would make sure both of them knew when the mail man would come or if someone was around the house or if the phone rang.
Sometimes she would sneak Lady into her room and my grandmother would get upset when she couldn't find her dog. lol

Lady was pampered to no end with treats and love and when I went to visit her, she became
a real chubby couch potato, but still with long delicate ballerina legs.
She was a picture of joy with bright eyes and a catering personality.

When my grand mother passed away, Lady and the other old Gramma moved to her brothers' house.
They were also an old lonely couple.
The brother used to have a dog he loved very much and when it died he was heart broken and never got another dog to replace it with.
He became a sad and lonely man
Then Lady came and brought back joy into his life.
He began to smile and laugh and play with her.

Lady was exactly what he needed. She pepped up another home and stayed with them a long time. Every time you'd call, he would tell you stories about his dog. lol
By now Lady was growing old herself and she got a doze of cancer.
The brother took her to the vet and did his best to save her but eventually she succumbed to her illness, a good 14 years old.
He buried her and as God would have it, soon followed in her footsteps.
I think she met up with these old folks and they are all happy to be together again.
At least I'd like to think so.

Lady was an example of a very Lucky Dog.
Her destiny was not to die but to cater to the living and she will always be remembered as a dog
who gave much to old people.

She served the elderly by giving and showing them the love and companionship they needed
when everyone else had better things to do. No one knows why she ended up at the SPCA.

Thank you Lady.
You were always a very good girl.

Have a great Day!


Maude Lynn said...

What a beautiful dog!

A Lady's Life said...

They are a very special breed Mama Zen.
Loyal and loving.Very suited for people who need a friend.

George said...

This is a wonderful story of the joy Lady brought into the lives of several people. It was good of you to rescue her and give her to your grandmother.

A Lady's Life said...

George - you wish you could save them all.
There is no such thing as a bad dog.

Every dog is mans' best friend.

Akelamalu said...

What a lovely story about a love dog - Lady definitely had a role in life, she was lucky you found her. x

A Lady's Life said...

Akelamalu - you have no idea how much joy she brought to so many people

SandyCarlson said...

Dogs have so much heart. Humbling. What a beautiful pup!

A Lady's Life said...

Sandy - they say man would not be where he is today if it were not for dogs.