Friday, January 1, 2016

You Gotta Love Him :)

Europe was quiet this year but Vancouver put on a huge fireworks display.
The first in 10 years.
We are always the last to celebrate after the world finishes so we try to go to New York
and Hong Kong but this year we had our own celebration and the people were very happy.
There was a small one earlier for the kids too.
 My Tanya was petrified of the fireworks She sat the whole night shaking.

Natalie Cole died This is the first person this new year.
I loved her Dad. What nice songs he sang.

Last night Jack Frost created a winter wonderland to look at.
Everything was glistening under a brisk clear sky.
We stayed up but saw no lights in the sky (aurora borealis).
I wonder who did?

The year of the monkey should prove to be interesting.

So the holidays are finally over. They go by so fast.
When I was a kid there seemed to be so much more going on in our house.
In our family every one is hardly ever home. There are no excuses to stay
 home to shovel snow or school cancellations.
 No excuses to look for Santa or prepare milk and cookies.
No one singing Christmas Carols on the street .
No excitement families usually have when they have small children.
None of the hustle and bustle and frills.
Times have changed and so have the people.
This morning there is  the Polar Swim so people have to get up early to
 freeze some butts lol
The sun is shining on the frosty trees and birds have begun to sing.
We don't see so many but they are out there.

Might be the moon cause dogs have attacked people  both on the street and in homes.
It is not normal for dogs to flip out like that.

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