Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer
This is inspirational.

Today was a beautiful spring day.
People have taken down all the lights while mine are still on.
They were put up late so I am trying to make the best of them.
Some houses are still lit up and the tree is in the front window .

The 6th is our Christmas., Hay under the table to represent the manger
Wheat to represent the abundance of Christ coming
Linen Table cloth  to represent Jesus' clothing
12 course meal to represent the 12 apostles.
: barley, honey, stewed prunes, pierogi, sauerkraut, potatoes, lima beans, garlic, Lenten bread, mushroom soup and salt. 

All to remind people life is both bitter and sweet/ Life is everyday a work in progress.
A candle represents the star in Bethlehem.
An extra setting is always set ( do it all the time) for Jesus in spirit or as a traveller.

Honey is crossed over our forehead : May we love one another as a bee loves honey
A cup of wine is passed around
 Uniting faith and love bread is broken and dipped in honey to eat.

Garlic is cracked between the teeth is eaten to ward us from evil
Food is eaten without knives or pepper as these represent argument and cutting relationships.
The candle is blown out gently.
 If the smoke rises straight up it means a blessing for the year. 

I love tradition. Makes celebrating special.

The crock pot soup in my kitchen is delicious and soothes the  spirit
otherwise disturbed by world events.

The Kennel Club accepted two new dog breeds . One is a hairless
terrier. I like it. It looks like a naked Miniature Dalmation Pincher. lol
The other is like an Grayhound. A very docile sporty looking dog.

If I was in a dog buying mood  I would definitely look at these new breeds.
The terrier looks very smart and can be taught well. I wish I was younger
to play with them but alas the small dogs I have now,
 are wonderful dogs for me.

I tried sweeping leaves outside but it was a fruitless attempt everything
being wet and dirty.
My acorns opened up like the day which slowly ebbed into nightfall.
Days , like life and the spirit , are regenerated


Gattina said...

Years ago the 6th of January was more important in Italy than Christmas, now it's still celebrated but less. There a witch used to come and bring presents !

A Lady's Life said...

The story we were told was that there was a rich man and he saw the poverty around him.
So at Christmas he would bring food and presents and leave them at the door for people.
They would go out and not know who left them all the nice things.
He got a lot of joy doing that. He was called Father Frost.