Monday, January 11, 2016

Windy Mariah

Bowie passed away today. More and more actors and singers
are leaving us at a very early age.

The weather this morning was brisk and icy but then it warmed up into rain.
On the whole it was pretty dull the whole day.
The morning sky was pale blue at the bottom of the horizon, turning into mauve with
clouds edging in pink from the sun above. It was unbelievably beautiful .
I don't think I've ever seen a sky so striking.
It didn't last.

We managed to get to the farmers market.
I got two huge cucumbers (over one foot long) for 1.50 each
Most of the veggies were cheaper so I got the broccoli,lettuce  tomatoes, ginger , spinach
 and eggplant . Zuccinis for some reason were still expensive.
The olive oil was cheaper too but hubby said we'll come back.
We need mazola lol It was not cheap. lol

It's a lot more fun to shop at farmers markets.
You never know what you will find there.
The tomatoes were expensive at the Superstore and worse.... rotten.
One wonders how they could charge so much for rotten vegetables.

I got out one of my paintings to finish.
As I was looking at it from afar, things started to click in place as to how to finish it
but now it's up close, and the visual perspective from yesterday declined.
 It's always good to step back when painting something.

Today I remembered my childhood. My Mom put me to bed at six ever night and I spent the rest of the evening pestering her for food and water and pee time. lol
Disney land came on TV at 6 so when I saw that, I would beg her to stay up and watch it.
She would relent saying ok Just Disneyland and then to bed you go.
Maybe this is why I hate sleeping. I always wish it was day and day and day.
 What a treat it was to watch Disneyland and Mr Disney was such a special man to me.

Today  our throw away society doesn't appreciate 3/4's of what's out there.
Something breaks, get a new one.

When you learn not to treasure your belongings, you obtain bad habits which then
affects friendships, families, pets, marriages, education.....not to mention a dump full of things which
could have been recycled and reused.

People don't want used today but used carries with it an air of mystery to discover.
Who owned it? How was it used? What spiritual imprint was left on the object.
What era did it come from?

Take amber for instance. Amber was very much valued by my Grand mother.
Today we see amber and much of it is fake. Even the real ones may not be the ones
from resin trees  that are supposed to be over 1000 years old.
They even put insects into it to get more value
Real amber does not melt. It burns. But they drill holes and put in insects or scorpions etc...
and then fill in the holes with some plastic filler.
So now, even if you want to buy it, it somehow loses it's mystery knowing how people try to cheat you.


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