Thursday, December 17, 2015

You Take my Self Control

Poor Laura  RIP

Life always presents you with unexpected things.
No matter who you are, life surrounds pain, suffering, joy,
regret, love, hate
................ and teaches you to bend.

You are not alone. There is no shame.

Every one loses self control at one point in life or another.
This is what makes us human and alive.
These are the learning experiences that help make us grow in body and spirit
into mature understanding people.

What would life be without problems to resolve?
With nothing to lose self control over..... life would be boring.

Just think.. Today we had snow.
 Big... beautiful... fluffy snowflakes
to lose control in.

I felt like Gene Kelly dancing in the rain. lol

I felt like Picasso exploring images beyond human comprehension.

It's nice to let go and just be yourself.

There is life and then there is life.

One is to let go in and the other..... is to say to....
you wish.....
You want to take my self control and sometimes you do

You take my self control and make me smile.


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