Monday, December 14, 2015

What About Life? Look What we've Done?

Michael Jackson was ahead of the times loving life the way all
life should be loved and cared for.

His video shows how much he wanted love to reign on this planet.
Very touching video.

Well, I must say I've been reading a lot.
After fasting 12 hours, I gave myself a gallbladder flush consisting of
olive oil and lemon juice.

My son and I argue about food we should eat . We agree on a low carb diet
but apparently our body does need fat.
The gall bladder consists of bile and cholesterol
which it injects into the lower intestine for digestion purposes.

If you have no fat to dissolve ( meaning if you are vegetarian, no fat) the cholesterol
and bile crystallize and form gallbladder stones because there is no fat for them to

Some stones can be dissolved with drugs like
ursodiol or chenodol which takes about 6-8 weeks,
or they can inject something into the gall bladder and
 dissolve the stones within 6-12 hours .
This procedure involves a painful burning sensation.
Then there is the removal of the gall bladder which involves 5-6 days in hospital.
Apparently they have a new, less intrusive way to do this today than in the past.

All in all , fat is required in ones' body to function properly so binge diets, aimed at quick
weight loss, is also bad to do for the above reason.
 So when it comes to fat, my son and I are at a grid lock.
 Every day they come up with something new. Who to believe.

Live and learn lol  Made great soup today The smell is unbelievable.

Here is a nice giveaway.
Good Luck



Haddock said...

Would love to taste that soup :-)

A Lady's Life said...

Haddock I wish you could have Boy was it good
Made of cornish hen.

Whenever I use normal chicken the smell is not that good.
I cut the hen in half with my scissors. It was meaty. :)