Monday, December 28, 2015

Lee Quan Yew Funeral- Majula Singapura

This was an amazing part of history come to an end.
I have always admired Lee Quan Yew because he reminded me
of our own Mayor Jean Drapeau ,of Montreal, Quebec, who equally
loved his city and country.

Our Mayor once threatened to separate Montreal from Quebec if
 Quebec ever tried to separate from Canada.

Lee Kuan Yew was surprised Malaysia let Singapore go.
He now was left alone to build Singapore
 and what a job he did!

This Island state was the safest and best place to raise children.
It almost made you cry when coming back home, your children had to face
a culture of drugs, foul language, bullying, etc....

Some say the culture shock was in Asia at the time but coming back,
I found the culture shock was in North America, to see just how far down
the ladder people had fallen.

The poor, the homeless, the damaged souls, living under bridges,
in city street lanes....the drugs, alcoholism, people walking with wet pants,
having peed in them, people fighting with street lamps...

just not things one would see  in Singapore during Lee Kuan Yews' time even at the thieves market lol

Lee Kuan Yew left a Legacy he can be proud of. He was Singapore.
If all the Mayors of cities and Premiers of Provinces and the Federal Government,
took the example of Lee Kuan Yew, we would have a strong country to be proud of.
Lee Kuan Yew did not follow political correctness, but what was correct.

Some of the issues Justin Trudeau was elected on, seems down right shameful
as Canada quietly falls from a  country of the first world, into a country of the third world.

Yes, we are falling. Our leaders did not inspire our people do do what is correct and instead
we follow what is politically correct and this is nothing short of lies our Justin Trudeau's
wide open mouth keeps spewing every day and tells us that  he will continue to keep his mouth
One day the flies will fly in and choke him, since there can only be one truth.
Not political truth but truth and every one, deep inside know what that is.

We cannot succeed running a country on corrupt values, be they in government or business
or the banking system. Eventually it all comes to an end and then so many will fall
into an abyss which is called hell and pull every one else along with them.

In Canada, Justin won on the issue of fear. He manipulated vigilance into fear.
But fear is what inspired Lee Kuan Yew, because he loved his country.
Fear built a swamp into a wonder city people can now enjoy. Fear kept the people clean and pure.
Fear made the world turn around and pay attention to this little island.

Part two  - the eulogies - are important to listen to since many called this Garden State, land of the orchid , The Lion City and a friendly dictatorship.

Order works but order is not supported by many in North America, who think freedom lies in drugs, abortions, assisted suicide, gay pride and contracts written to make sure the customer fails and can be extorted from, keeping him poor.

The aim of justice is to encourage people to trust and believe in a system , geared towards the benefit  and enrichment  of the people, not the destruction of the middle class.
There in lies the difference between giants of men and wannabees running for government, to gain a larger pension.

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