Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Seeds of Life

This year the hibiscus plant is blooming big time. I used top soil with sheep manure.
I always pick the wilted flowers off but they say to leave them on so they seed.
It's too bad the flower stays only for a day or maybe 2.

After pruning the plant you can stick the cuttings into a pot and the pot into a zip lock bag.
Water well and let it root in a nice sun lit area. The plant needs roots to fit tightly so pots need to accomodate that need and not be too large.
The plant loves potassium.

After a flower closes I guess you can put a small zip lock bag over it and wait till it gets black with
the seeds inside.
Collect the seeds and then  put them into a plastic bottle cut 3/4 of the way so the top can be fused back.
Plant the seeds into it and then use scotch tape to seal the bottle to make a green house effect.
Keep in a warm sunny place and wait to see if a miracle happens.
Every time I see a sprout, I call it a miracle.

When I buy shallots, they usually have roots. The bottom part I replant and a new shallot grows.
Makes me think like Wow! Why pull it out? Just cut above the root.
I have coleus cuttings I replanted . they love sunlight and my house does not have much so
lets hope for the best. I guess they will have to be taken indoors soon.

I love playing with plants. They are so much fun especially when you see you have a green thumb.
Plants love people. They are quiet little angels rewarding you with countless moments of inner joy
especially in winter when days become dull.

I put my plants on a bench over the sink close to my crock pot. With the hot water steam from the sink and the heat from the crock pot, it simulates tropical weather. Bathrooms are good too since the steam from  showers is good for plants.

Happy day to you.


roughterrain crane said...

Your words are deeply impressive. Plants love people. Gardening tell us what we need for life.

A Lady's Life said...

Yes they do R C. My sunflowers have only just let out heads in September.
The tomatoes have just sprouted tomatoes but the rain is killing the plants.
Too much is too much just like in life.

roughterrain crane said...

Yes. Too much is too much. Happiness often visits us when we notice humbly the extent of satisfaction, or desire.