Monday, August 31, 2015

El Ninio Disaster.

We were hit hard on our street by winds and rain.
 Trees fell and we lost power for 2 1/2 days.
 The streets were closed due to trees falling.
So many places were hit in BC, they did not have enough staff to repair
the damage. Traffic lights are still out and many detours leave people
looking for new routes to take.

Tropical fish are headed North in a warm water bubble, including sharks.
Will be an interesting winter.
Our reservoirs will be full again though. No more water shortage.
This summer BC had so many forest fires every one smelled smoke all summer.
Some roads had to be closed off due to fires and smoke.
Fires across the border also did not help air quality here as everything goes north.
It being dry did not help. Now I am sure the rain quenched the dry earth.
It was  very welcome to be sure. Hasn't stopped since last night.
Some vin yards said they had a big fire 8 years ago and could taste ash in their wines.

We have a big tree in the back yard we will have to chop up.
Have no idea what kind of tree it is. It has feathery ends with white flowers and tiny blue berries on it. Looks like Elderberry. Its a very good tree to have but you need to know how to harvest it for wine
syrup etc..
Good for the immune system inflamation congestion. etc...
The wood is very light. You don't need a saw to break up the branches.

This day lily grows in ditches. It is so beautiful and lilies are used to treat things like breast cancer, mastitis, urinary tract disorders, uterine bleeding and arsenic poisoning. The roots are diuretic, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic.


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