Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My Deer

Reading books certainly is much easier to do than watching the news.
At least you have a chance to see it in print and not be exposed to lies,
misinterpretations and manipulations of the tv set.

It's easier on the brain and lets you digest the info you are getting.
Gives you time to think.

I think books will never go out of style because other sources of info
run wild and a muck.It's all become over whelming.
People have changed or maybe they havent. The world was always cruel.
The strong survive and the weak are led into the lions' den.

I was reading the Mansbridge interview with Harper and I had to shake my head.

Would the man really have asked the questions he did if he was not told to?

How many people can we support here? We don't have jobs for our own people.
We dont have enough schools. We dont have enough housing or hospitals or doctors.
We don't have enough money to cover all the social expenses.

What change do people want? To go deeper into debt?
This is what Mulcair and Trudeau intend to do.

We see what Obama did.
 He seems to have been bought out by the banks and look at the results?
Easier for them to buy the man out to look the other way.
Something is out of wack when a man tries to MAKE IT CLEAR.
Clear as mud as they say.

The only people gaining here are those with lawyer papers which are written with the
 aim of  the customer losing. Banks take money but don't give it back.
So how to protect oneself ? Nothing short of keeping your money, in coin, some other place.
You won't get interest but today they give you a little and find ways to get double back.
It's like gambling has taken over everything today.
The house never loses.

We expect bigger things this year in terms of tornadoes and earth quakes.
Well , what do you expect?
Let the good times roll my dear


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