Friday, December 24, 2010

Charles Lemoyne Hospital - Geriatric Ward.

Christmas is a time to remember my Mom and Dad (who passed away with a bang
on the American Independence Day week end a long while back.)

This left us with my Mom who suffered from Parkinsons and Alzheimers.
My Dad was a diabetic and it was a hot day outside when he ventured out to cut the lawn.
He made it back inside to get his shot ready but instead fell on the floor.
My Mom could not get help so she lay down beside him to die and they lay there three days before a neighbor found them.
As a result My Mom had a bruise on her thigh bone which got infected apart from all her other problems.
The hospital called us and told us to hurry up because she might not make it.

We took the first plane out and it took a good 3 months of constant care before we could get her out of there. They saw this as a victory and everyone applauded as we left telling us that not many escape THE WARD.

I have to say that the hospital was very nice to us. They let my Son stay and even played with
him and let him carry trays to the patients, mostly old people. We spent a great deal of time there from 7 am to 8 pm every day because they had a shortage of nurses and my Mom needed
constant supervision. When she felt better they let us take her out for lunch across the street to the Chinese buffet where we could enjoy our meal and give her also things she liked to eat, like cabbage and sweet and sour soup and cous cous salad full of parsley which gave her iron, etc...
She would enjoy going out with us and the change of scenery and it gave her a new will to live.

One would never guess just how hard nursing is, especially with difficult patients who tear out
tubes and constantly call for help for one thing or another and then there is all this paper work.
I have seen a few nurses brought to tears, when they could not find any more veins to put in an I. V.

Well she made it out and we had a chance to take part in Halloween, Quebec style, before departing for the long trip to BC.

This is my Mom, a lady who would curl her hair, wear nice negligee's and put on lipstick before going to bed, in case she died that night. She never wanted people to find her in disarray.

These crippling diseases which turn beautiful people into 2 year old children, is indeed not something to look forward to.

I had my Mom to enjoy and was robbed of the pleasures of nice discussions, family memories and joyful outings to share with her. I did all of the above anyway, because I knew she was kept a captive in her mind.
She was still in there and it must have been devastating for her, not to be able to get out so I tried to keep her stimulated. She never forgot who I was till the very end.
So I don't know about this alzheimers. It's quite a funny disease.

It gave me great pleasure having her near me, whatever I was doing, in spite of it.
It wasn't easy. We had the whole family involved in her care and the whole family learned a great deal from it. Everything you do in life is a learning experience.
Knowing the two ends of the spectrum makes you a much better person.

My Mom liked to laugh and have fun so I would like to take the time and remember her and my Dad today.

My candles are lit for all the departed souls who cannot be with us to share the memories
in 2010. I hope my Dad met her and that they are both looking down upon us and sharing this day.

I Met You - this is heart tearing


Trotter said...

Hi Lady! Wonderful post!! Lovely homage! I had the experience of having my parents with us for the X-mas weekend; they sum 182 years old and that's something...

Hope you had a great Christmas weekend! Blogtrotter Two waits for you at the Temple of Horus in Edfu. Enjoy and have a great week ahead!

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Trotter and
Happy New Year !!!to you
since Christmas is over now lol

SandyCarlson said...

So full of heart, your words. A very beautiful post. Thanks for sharing the love in your family.

A Lady's Life said...

Thanks Sandy but time flies and it's all in the past now and then you sit and think it was all a dream.
You seem to conclude that time has no relevance in the scheme of things.
Everything just is.