Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Little Johnny....


Little Johnny and his family were having Sunday dinner at his grandmother's house. Everyone was seated around the table as the food was being served.

When little Johnny received his plate he started eating right away.

"Johnny, wait until we say our prayer."

"I don't have to," the boy replied.

"Of course you do," his mother insisted. "We say a prayer before eating at
our house."

"That's at our house," Johnny explained, "but this is Grandma's house, and she knows how to cook."


Anonymous said...

LOL...little Johnny makes so much sense sometimes :) Nice hairy legs that woman has LOL

Nessa said...

Is the hair on Marge's legs purple, too?

A Lady's Life said...

Thats called V A C A T I O N
with an UTTER NOTHING TO DO LIST.Just letting it all hang out.
Thats why we send them to grama.