Friday, September 9, 2016

Hot Red Love.

This is a sample of the gorgeous blooms I get from the miniature red rose.
Usually I am not very good with miniature roses but this year, they love me.
Well they must know how much I love them too. lol
Between them and the hummingbirds, which came to visit so often,
my days were made.
It is much easier to look after plants in pots.
Easier to weed, transplant, water.
I will never plant black berries in a back yard because they just take over.
It is soo hard to stop them from growing but in a pot, where they can be controlled,
I just think wow! What great plants and berries.

I took cuttings off of our lilac tree and it let out babies so now I have more lilacs
and  one vine of fragrant flowers begets you so many
cuttings to fill your whole yard with smells only to be got from
a perfume bottle.
Once you get enough flowers, you can boil them with vegetable oil and water
till the water evaporates and leaves you fragrant oil to which you
 add a few drops of alcohol and you have a scent to last you a long long time.

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